Bunk beds bring endless adventure into a kid’s bedroom. They are cost-efficient and practical and a bunk bed will likely be your child’s favorite piece of furniture. Safety is crucial and bunk bed dimensions are a major determining factor for what fits in the room. The tall stature demands attention and there is also versatility and storage to consider. We’ve shared the top five benefits of bunk beds, and in this bunk bed buying guide, we share the benefits of each type of bunk bed, the importance of dimensions and bunk bed safety. We have something for everyone—use this manual to help you decide which bunk bed best fits your family’s lifestyle.

Brown wood kids bunk bed with blue and orange bedding with a ladder attached.


Start the search by prioritizing your main concern:  safety, number of sleeping areas, maximizing space, plenty of storage or a combination of all four. There are many stylish solutions like bunk beds with steps, loft style bunk beds and versatile bunk beds.

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Wood Bunk Beds

Ladiville Twin over Twin

If you have a kid with a small bedroom, space is your main concern. A twin over twin bunk bed is the best bet for a smaller bedroom. Wooden bunk beds have a classic, nostalgic feel and most wooden bunk beds separate into two twin beds. Versatile furniture makes it easy to rearrange and update the room when kids get older. Wooden bunk beds provide an organic design element that makes a room comfortable and homey. The Ladiville Twin over Twin bunk bed has a rustic feel and separates into two twin beds, adding functionality to this space-saving set. This twin over twin wooden bunk bed is so stylish, even adults will want to sleep in it—stacked or separated.

twin bunkbeds with plank style headboards and footboards paired with kids bedroom furniture

Metal Bunk Beds

Dinsmore Twin/Full Bunk Bed

Incorporating a metal bunk bed is a must for an industrial, contemporary design. The Dinsmore Twin Over Full bunk bed is the covetable bed size setup and quite compact for its bed size arrangement. The twin over full metal bunk bed has a built-in vertical ladder and the metal railings create an open line of sight, which works well in a small room. Sleek and polished, there will be plenty of space to play next to the Dinsmore.

industrial contemporary gray and black metal twin bed over full bunk beds

Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

Halanton Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

If you have the space, a twin over full bunk bed is the way to go, especially if it has storage. No space is wasted in the Halanton twin over full bunk bed. A contemporary design with a dark brown finish lays the groundwork for sophisticated kid room decor. Older kids will love the spacious bottom bunk and little kids will feel like a big kid in their big bed. This bonus under-bed drawer on casters provides the most convenient storage—cool factor for the kids and practical use of space for the adults.

Dark brown twin and full bunk bed

Loft Style Bunk Beds

Lulu Twin Loft Bed with Storage and Bookcase

An only child shouldn’t miss out on any of the fun of bunk beds. Loft style bunk beds provide an equal amount of coolness. The Lulu Twin loft with Storage and Bookcase is perfect for a prince or princess in their own room. The loft style bunk bed features a ton of storage under the “throne” that you might not even need a dresser. Instead, maximize the room’s playfulness and add fun furniture pieces like a storage chest or bench for space to hide toys or linens.

kids loft bed in white with grooved panels and bookcase cubby storage and versatile ladder

Bunk Beds with Storage

Trinell Twin Loft Bed with Storage

A bunk bed with storage is the ultimate kids furniture piece that maximizes space. When a room is small, go vertical to keep the room inviting. The Trinell Twin Loft Bed with Storage has an authentic, rustic look for a farmhouse design. With plenty of storage under the sleeping area, it will be easy to organize and contain inevitable messes. A mini personal staircase provides an easy way for kids to climb and store items in the steps as they head to bed. A loft bed with storage is the ultimate three-in-one: a staircase, lots of storage and a place to sleep, allowing for plenty of floor space to play.

Twin bunk bed with under bed storage

Bunk Bed with Steps

Embrace Twin Loft Caster Bed

An all-in-one storage bunk bed plus a staircase is a sophisticated design for any kid. Embrace Loft Bookcase Bed with Steps is so refined and functional, you might even want to sleep in it. Bookcases with adjustable cubbies create a perfect display spot for books and trinkets. Create a playful atmosphere with bright, patterned bedding and a colorful rug. Your kid will enjoy a bunk bed with steps and you will appreciate its functionality. With a built-in bookcase underneath the bed, a staircase and three storage drawers, this practical kids bed could become your favorite piece in your home.

Embrace loft bed series with drawers open

Bunk Bed with Trundle

Embrace Loft Bed with Caster and Right Steps 

When you need a place for your young child to sleep, but they want the ultimate big kid bed, a bunk bed with a trundle is the answer. The Embrace loft bed with caster and steps is undeniably practical. It packs a lot of flair for your kid, with a mini staircase, plus it has storage and a trundle bed. This bunk bed with steps works well in a large bedroom. The twin trundle bed slides right under the twin loft bed in the event you need more floor space. Even for an only child, this bed is a treasure, just roll out the trundle for sleepovers and the setup is done. This bunk bed appeases your kid’s taste for adventure and satisfies your need for versatility and storage.

Embrace loft bed series with caster bed extended and right stairs


It’s crucial to take measurements of the room and compare that to the dimensions of the product before making a purchase. With bunk beds, height is an imperative measurement to record—you don’t want your kid smacking their head on the ceiling, so allow for at least two feet from the top of the bed to the ceiling. It will be worth the time it takes to thoroughly measure the room.

Pro tip: After you’ve taken the measurements, try out different bunk beds in your home with the augmented reality feature on the Ashley HomeStore app. All the bunk beds on AshleyHomestore.com include the dimensions under the detailed description.

Bunk Bed Size


Children typically love bunk beds, but the bunk beds with ladders can be dangerous for young kids. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that top bunks cannot be used for children under 6 years of age. Keep this in mind when selecting a bunk bed—trundle beds and bottom bunks are the safest option for young kids. Teach your child how to safely climb bunk bed ladders and steps and assure the young ones they can move to the top bunk after they turn six years old.

Now, which bunk bed best fits your family’s lifestyle?

Keep your priorities in mind and answer the questions below!

Choosing a Bunk Bed


Dress it Up

You’ve chosen the perfect bunk bed for your kid’s bedroom, now it’s time to dress it up. Fun, age-appropriate accent pieces like these bed spreads, rugs and storage benches will add personality create a functional space. Make the room a space your kids don’t want to leave, and if their mess is contained to one room, it makes cleanup relatively easy.